About lack of meters at each radiator, nepotism instead of integrity and Candu’s “non-involvement in illegalities”

IPN flow synopsis for March 10, 2020

Stephan the III: history belongs not to politicians, but to our grandchildren

The National Agency for Research and Development of Moldova places obstacles to the national researchers and the research projects proposed by the people of science are selected according to political criteria. “The research sector was transferred under ministerial administration, which is equal to transfer under political control. The ministries are under political control, while the governments are relative and can be replaced by 2-3 times a year. Political disorganization appears and the sector is affected as a result,” stated Doctor of History Ion Negrei.

Mioritic land Moldova part of global coronavirus

The local authorities in Chisinau call on the parents and guardians to obey the measures imposed to prevent the spread of COVID-19, to supervise the children who are on forced vacation. The penalties for spreading epidemic diseases were adopted by Parliament. The persons who visited recently countries that are affected by the novel coronavirus are obliged to remain isolated at home. Self-isolation at home implies the measuring of body temperature three times a day. If the person feels sick, this should contact by phone the family doctor and should not go to the hospital. “A person infected with the novel coronavirus poses a threat to four-five people," stated Minister Viorica Dumbrăveanu. According to her, the rapid tests are inefficient. Even if the rapid test shows a negative result, the WHO underlines the necessity of subjecting the persons with symptoms of COVID-19 to lab tests.

Legalization of illegalities, common masterwork of no one in part

The leader of the Pro Moldova parliamentary group Andrian Candu said Prosecutor General Alexandr Stoianoglo is entitled to come to Parliament and demand to lift the immunity of MPs who are to be investigated. “I believe everything I did was legal and I wasn’t involved in illegalities of which I can be accused,” stated the MP.

Moldova far from EU standards

The inspection and investigation bodies show a rather formal preoccupation with the facts investigated by journalists. The number of cases over which the competent institutions initiated examinations or probes that ended with penalties remains very low, says a study presented by the Association of Independent Press. The institutions are not really committed to discourage the employment of persons suspected of not being upright.

“Meters at each radiator!”, galactic dream of consumers

SA “Termoelectrica” said the temperature of the heat supplied to end users is regulated at production sources depending on the outside air temperature, according to a schedule approved by the Ministry of Economy and Infrastructure. Each dweller can read the data and monitor daily consumption through the housing stock manager. The heat supplier provided details in connection with reports that the heat bills for February could be too high or even equal to those for January.

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