About junkies that want to become doctors, statements on the future of the alliance and the interest rate on overnight credits

IPN flow summary for October 31, 2019

„E la nave va /
And the Ship Sails On...”

President Igor Dodon criticizes the statements made by partners in the ruling coalition. After the elections he will not sit at the table of discussions. Another issue within the ruling coalition is the efficiency of some ministries. "And the third very important thing is to support the social initiatives that we have put forward and that the Government does not want to support yet,” the head of state mentioned.

„Despite the statements,

"in many districts, over 25 if I am not mistaken, today, it has been agreed on the creation of local coalitions between the PSRM and the ACUM Bloc. This is not to the liking of certain people, and they try to make this coalition implode”, said Igor Dodon. In the opinion of Ion Ceban, representatives of ACUM Bloc will have no choice but collaborate with the Socialists for a better functioning of the local public administration in Chisinau.

Waiting for Godot, I beg your pardon, for the prosecutor

Executive director of ADEPT Association for Participatory Democracy, Igor Botan, who was part of the candidates' pre-selection commission for the position of prosecutor general, claims that he is fully satisfied with the way the commission worked. However, one of the candidates for this position, expert Stefan Gligor, is of the opinion that the competition was not well enough organized and that the procedure for examining and pre-selecting the candidates was rather superficial..

Changing white coats for striped uniforms

Eight people have been detained and ten others are being investigated at liberty in a drug trafficking case involving foreign students. “The age of the foreign nationals ranges between 21 and 24, most of them are from Israel and are future doctors.”

If you live on salary this doesn’t concern you

According to the BNM, there was a sharp economic growth in the first half of the year, which will continue until the end of the current year at a more modest rate, while inflationary pressures will remain. Interest rates on overnight loans and deposits will also remain unchanged - 10.5 and 4.5 percent annually.

Spending – now, changes – for later

The European Commission has approved a new instalment of budget support of 24.85 million euros, money that will be used to improve police services, increase economic opportunities in agriculture and rural development. By the end of this year, other 40 million euros of macro-financial assistance is to be disbursed.

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