About institution with two accounting offices, justice sector reform from vindictive ones and Moldova as a labor destination

IPN flow synopsis for February 4, 2020

Wolves in sheep’s clothing

Public policy expert Ștefan Gligor said the Democrats will never want a real justice sector reform given that the state was declared captured at the time of their governance. “The Socialists, betraying their coalition partners to whom they promised to de-oligarchize the state and free it from persons who held posts in Parliament, betraying the supporters, formed a parliamentary majority and the Government together with those from which they intended to free the state. Do you think the Democrats will do a real justice sector reform so as to later be held accountable by that justice system?” asked Ștefan Gligor.

If Syrians didn’t come, it’s turn for Asians to come

The problem of shortage of labor force was discussed in a meeting called by Prime Minister Ion Chicu. The official requested to take measures to simplify the procedures and reduce the file processing period, warning the officials in charge of the necessity of maintaining security on the domestic labor force market. A constraint is that the mandatory minimum salary that is to be paid to a foreign employee must be equal to the average official salary in Moldova.

either fish nor fowl!

The mayor of Chisinau municipality Ion Ceban said the municipality is now working on the extension of the bus and trolleybus pool with new units of transport, while animal rights activists called on Ion Ceban to build a large shelter for aggressive animals without owners, who cannot be left on the street as they are considered dangerous, and for abandoned and injured animals who can yet recover.

The money is coming! Where is the money?

Deputy Prime Minister Sergiu Pușcuța, Minister of Finance, said the Republic of Moldova is already eligible to get the second tranche of the macro-financial assistance from the EU. Moldova fulfilled all the conditions in this regard, but it is not known when this money will be disbursed. According to him, a mission of the European Union is expected to come to Moldova this week to examine what was done and to determine what is yet to be done to get the macro-financial assistance.

Two budgets mean... two accounting offices?

A sum of
35.1 million lei accumulated in the accounts of the National Office of Vine and Wine during several years remained unused. An audit mission found that the Vine and Wine Fund has two different annual budgets. One budget is approved through the state budget law, while the other one by the Coordination Board. In both of the budgets, the auditors identified unreasonable diminutions and increases both in the revenues and the expenditure sections.

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