About illegal wiretapping by political order, spoiled imported potatoes and 2020 state budget that is considered an adventure

Key from December 6, 2019 IPN newscast

In a trap

The new Prosecutor General Alexandr Stoianoglo, who left the Prosecutor’s Office when Plahotniuc tried to make him a prosecutor of his, was imposed on President Igor Dodon by the development partners, considers former Premier Ion Sturza. He said that President Dodon is very vulnerable in the current situation, he being suspected of receiving foreign financing for the Party of Socialists and of being an agent of influence of the Russian Federation. He got into a full responsibility trap.

With ears and nose in underwear

Minister of justice in 2015 – 2017, Democratic MP Vladimir Cebotari said that if admitting that the phones of political opponents, journalists and civic activists were tapped during the rule of the Democratic Party, he can assure that the wiretapping goes on and things are much more profound than their political opponents assert. PAS MP Sergiu Litvinenko said the machinery used earlier by Vladimir Plahotniuc could be now used by President Igor Dodon. PPDA MP Kiril Moțpan said the information collected by wiretapping could have been used to blackmail political or business rivals.

Send rotten potatoes back!

95% of the consignments of potatoes that come to Moldova are infected with the bacterium Clavibacter miciganensis. The infection is dangerous for the crop and can cause losses of 100% in production. Most of the potatoes are imported from Belarus, Ukraine and Russia, where the given bacterium is not considered a quarantine object.

Sovereign on their feuds

Four members of the Superior Council of Magistracy led by acting chairman Dorel Musteață invited the President, Parliament Speaker and Prime Minister to discussions about the problems faced by the Council and the judicial system. He said yet that the Council members will not accept the invitation to discussions issued by the minister of justice so as not to allow for interference in the judicial system given the principle of separation of powers in the state.

Textbook, but not exactly

The state budget for 2020 that was given a first reading by Parliament on December 5 is an adventure into which Moldova has never ventured. The document is a great soap bubble and reflects wishful thinking, which refers more to wishes than to evidence and reason, considers political expert Viorel Cibotaru.

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