About how disease progresses, authorities and politicians in times of the coronavirus

IPN flow synopsis for March 19, 2020

Locking and then waiting to be asked to give the key

MP Octavian Țîcu said a state of emergency should have been declared much earlier, but the move was delayed owing to the negotiations between the PDM and PSRM and the replacements made in the Cabinet. A number of commercial activities will be resumed next week. In order to reduce the negative effects on businesses in the current epidemiological situation, the authorities are examining a set of measures, such as the institution of a moratorium on state inspections, reduction of the VAT rate for the hospitality industry, exemption of some of the enterprises from performing the mandatory audit of financial situations, etc.

A lot can be seen from the bank too?

The free movement of a number of categories of people, except those who live on a permanent basis or who have the residence in the region, diplomats and representatives of international organizations, is restricted in the Transnistrian region between March 17 and April 5, by simultaneously ensuring the transportation of essential goods and food products. “Evrika” Lyceum of Rybnitsa sought help from Chisinau amid quarantine conditions.

Measures taken in conditions of uncertainty

The closing of markets selling fruit and vegetables in a move to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 infection requires maximum responsibility of stores. As many business entities cannot pay rent and cannot fulfill other contractual obligations and the microenterprises risk going bankrupt following their closure, the Government in several days will approve a bill that contains measures that will be taken to support the business sector.

How symptoms of COVID-19 progress from first to 17th day

About 99% of the patients diagnosed with COVID-19 developed a high temperature, while more than half experienced fatigue and a dry cough. About a third also experienced muscle pain and difficulty breathing. A study of nearly 140 patients at the Zhongnan Hospital of Wuhan University identified a typical pattern of symptoms associated with COVID-19.

Man knows what he says

“The world experiences a pandemic, but they make replacements in the Government, Parliament,” stated the leader of the Party of Communists Vladimir Voronin, referring to the latest changes on the national political arena. The former President of Moldova noted that the Democratic Party of Moldova (PDM) will resort to all the possible means to remain in power.

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