About experts in citizenship by investment, prosecutor from jail and Dodon’s message for his ambassadors

IPN flow synopsis for February 12, 2020

Either on the street or at “UN”

Maia Sandu could call on the citizens to take to the streets. “In this country, we have the highest prices and the lowest salaries,” explained Maia Sandu. She noted a common candidate of the ACUM Bloc could be fielded for this autumn’s presidential elections, but this must enjoy great popularity and must have the biggest chances of beating incumbent President Igor Dodon, who will most probably compete for a new term in office.

He is not the first who promises

Mayor of Chisinau Ion Ceban said the public transport will be a priority for them. “I refer here to trolleybuses and buses. We will invest a lot here. We are having negotiations and will solve this situation in the immediate future. As regards the maxi-taxi routes, there is complete disorder here as some of the routes were taken over and there are many operators on them. There are subleased, extended, annulled routes.”

He does not seem to be a bandit on TV screen

The Prosecutor General’s Office (PGO) completed the investigation and sent to court the criminal case started against the former head of the Anticorruption Prosecutor’s Office (APO) Viorel Morari over abuse of power, falsification of public documents and interference in the criminal investigation procedures. The PGO started one more criminal case against Morari over unjust enrichment and money laundering in extremely large amounts.

Good thing in bad hands turns bad

Paddy Blewer, Group Public Relations Director at Henley & Partners, which is the Moldovan Government’s partner in implementing the Citizenship by Investment Program, made a presentation of the program and spoke about the experience of other states where some of the citizens weren’t sufficiently informed about the programs by which citizenship is granted for investments. Asked about the value of losses that Moldova could incur if the program is suspended, the representative of Henley & Partners said any activity contract includes earlier termination clauses, but these are confidential.

Not named to posts to rest

In a broad meeting of the Board of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration that involved Moldova’s ambassadors working abroad, President Igor Dodon said the Ministry should work based on criteria of professionalism, with a strict discipline and without involvement in political or party games, as earlier. The ambassadors should realize that they are appointed not to rest, but to work to develop the state and to extend the relations with the foreign partners, being remunerated with taxpayers’ money.

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