About “democracy” inside “Democrats”’s PDM, only 24 sinful persons in PGO and fuss about expected rise in pensions

IPN flow synopsis for February 19, 2020

They lie when saying “yes”, they lie when saying “no” 

According to Andrian Candu, the leaders of the PDM take part in secret meetings with the Party of Socialists, the Premier and the President, saying that they have common concerns. They also issue press releases saying these discussions didn’t include negotiations and they do not form alliances. Together with him, the members of the Democratic parliamentary group Sergiu Sîrbu, Vladimir Cebotari, Eleonora Graur, Corneliu Padnevici and Grigore Repeshchuk also leave the party.

Earlier, Pavel Filip said the Democratic Party does not discuss now the formation of a government coalition with parties of the left or with parties of the right. Recently, he said that he took note of the announcement of the group that decided to leave the party.

There is a long way until changes...

The Inspectorate of Prosecutors brought 33 disciplinary proceedings against 24 prosecutors, stated Prosecutor General Alexandr Stoianoglo. The proceedings were instituted over a number of serious violations, such as illegal following and wiretapping, arrests, searches and confiscations, delay in the examination of cases, illegal decisions, defective representation of state prosecution in court and non-challenging of illegal judgments in courts.

Buffoons:  money will seem twice larger in amount to you!

Deputy Parliament Speaker, PPPDA MP Alexandru Slusari said the persons with pensions lower than the minimum subsistence level under the previous formula would have benefitted from a 5% indexation on April 1 and a 5% indexation on October 1. “The formula proposed by Igor Dodon reduces this indexation for over 400,000 pensioners,” stated Alexandru Slusari. The PPPDA suggests a new pension indexation formula.

Beware of revenge

The financing for the judicial system in 2020
will be reduced by 70 million lei. The given sum is to be paid by Moldova following an ECHR judgment passed in 2011. “We will not allocate money for the illegal decisions of judges from other sources,” Premier Chicu stated in the February 19 meeting of the Cabinet. He requested the Ministry of Finance to check the incomes of the judges because of whom Moldova was convicted by the ECHR and the National Integrity Authority to determine the integrity of these judges.

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