About a half of the population considers that things in Moldova are heading to a wrong direction

50% of the respondents questioned by the Public Opinion Barometer consider that things in Moldova are heading to a wrong direction. At the same time, 36% consider that the direction is good. According to the Social-Political Barometer (BSP OMNIMAS), presented on July 19, the number of persons considering that the direction is wrong increased compared with a similar opinion poll organized in February, within which 48% of the respondents considered so. At the same time the number of persons considering that the direction is good increased from 32% to 36%. According to the opinion poll, the rate of those considering that are pleased or very pleased with the life standards constitutes 11% comparing with 8% in February, while 55% of the questioned persons declared they are not satisfied with their living standards. In fact the same answers were offered within the opinion poll in February. Almost one third of the respondents consider that their economic situation is worse than a year ago and about the same number of persons considers that their situation is better, while 35% consider that their situation is the same. The results show an increase from 24% to 31% of the persons saying they have a better material situation. At the same time, 17% of the population are pleased with the living standards, comparing with those 50% who declare they are dissatisfied. 11% of the questioned persons are contented with the economic situation of Moldova and 55% state the opposite, their number diminishing comparing with February 2006, when this share constituted 60%. 35% of the respondents declared that the present government is leading the country better than the previous one and 16 have a totally different opinion. About one third of the respondents think that the governing level remains at the same level. In the previous opinion poll the percentage of those considering that the present government is better was of 28%. BSP OMNIMAS was organized in June 2006 by the Marketing and Polls Institute IMAS-INC Chisinau. The opinion poll included about 1100 persons the maximum error percentage being evaluated at 3%.

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