A young man of the capital cut himself as he was arrested for drug keeping

A young man of the capital cut his throat and was hospitalised, as he was arrested for drug keeping. The doctor-coordinator of the Emergency Hospital of the capital, Ludmila Untura, said that while he was driven to police station, the young man aged 21, managed to get out the knife and to cut superficially his throat. Another young man, aged 24, died because of narcotic overdose in the presence of ambulance team. A man aged 34 was hospitalised with a cut injure on his face, mental shock and without a teeth, as a result of a fight happened on the street Kiev. A similar case took place on the avenue Cuza Voda, at 1.00a.m. The policemen who came to clarify a dispute, called the ambulance for a man aged 36, who have suffered a knife injury. Another man, aged 31, was aggressed by persons, for the moment, unidentified, near the apartment bloc where he lives. The man was stabbed with a knife in the belly. A young woman aged 22 and two women - aged 35 and 36, tried to suicide by drinking drug overdoses. They were hospitalised at the toxicology section of the municipal hospital „Sfanta Treime”. On Wednesday, the Emergency Service of the capital helped in 653 calls, registering 37 serious infections, 57 traumatism cases, including 16 at children, 6 cerebral ictus and 3 myocardial infarcts.

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