A party leader says under what conditions he is ready to support Andrei Nastase

The leader of Democracy at Home Political Party, Vasile Costiuc, argues that he is ready to support the candidate of the ACUM Electoral bloc for the post of mayor of the capital, Andrei Năstase, only if he makes a statement denouncing the agreement with the Socialist Party. At a press conference at IPN, the leader of Democracy at Home Political Party said that "the mayor's mandate is in the hands of Andrei Năstase if today, during the day, he condemns the illegal behaviour of the alliance partners, says that he dissolves the Kozak alliance, to which he is party, and proposes to create another majority in Parliament. "

"This is our salvation. We, the Romanians from Chisinau, have been waiting for a long time for this message stating loud and clear that the alliance with Dodon’s and Ceban’s socialists is ending,” contended Vasile Costiuc. According to him, in these conditions a mobilization would ensue, and as a result "the capital would be reconquered".

Vasile Costiuc states that the Democracy at Home Party has demonstrated, by withdrawing Boris Volosatîi's candidacy, the determination to consolidate the vote in Chisinau, so that in the second round a true right-wing candidate, a Unionist, a true pro-Romanian could get through. "We did not succeed, because other right-wing candidates did not pursue this plenary goal and they saw the results on October 20," said Vasile Costiuc.

The chair of Democracy at Home Party has also said that the electoral debates in which he now participates show that Andrei Năstase "is very poorly prepared, extremely vulnerable and emotional and falls into despair at every show." "We see that Nastase's governance ally makes fun of him in the electoral debates. As internet users say “he wipes the floors with Nastase”, said Vasile Costiuc. According to him, even under these conditions, if Andrei Nastase denounced the agreement with the PSRM, he would get a chance, everyone would get the chance "to start the fight with the red plague that is taking over the capital and the whole country".

"If today Mr. Nastase does not go out in front of the people to talk, to apologize and make that statement, it means that the situation is out of control," said Dumitru Munteanu, a resident of Telemeuți village in Calarasi district, who is 87 years old.

Valentina Meșina, candidate of the Democracy at Home Party for the position of mayor of Ruseștii Noi commune, has mentioned that she and her team had an intelligent campaign and will fight now in the second round. As for the elections in the capital, Valentina Meşina has expressed hope that "at the last moment, Mr. Nastase could come up with a statement and people in Chisinau would take pride in giving their vote of confidence to him".

Vasile Sinigur, a participant in the hunger strike in front of the Presidency, regretted that Andrei Năstase had not come up before with a message calling for unification.


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