A French reporter makes statements about the armament in Transnistria

The gunstock in Cobasna is still the biggest gunstock and ammunitions in Europe, results of the investigation made by a Frecn reporter for a year and a half in Transnistrian separatist region. The ammunitions are stocked in the open air and it is sufficient a mistake and everything blows, Xavier Deleu reported about this for the radio Radio France International, according to Romanian newspaper Gandul. The guns and ammunitions of Cobasna bring huge profits to those who sell them and fly through the volatile frontiers with Ukraine to the whole world and even to African countries. The separatists even have "dirty bombs" - "in fact changed anti-hail rockets ", in their composition being introduced radioactive substances, French reporter said. Such a bomb can be bought in Tiraspol, at a price of 200,000 dollars per unit, an insignificant amount for the damages caused by a kilogram of this substance in a European metropolis as Paris or London. According to him, Moscow is the first interested to keep this situation, but equally take advantage the persons installed by Kremlin in early ‘90 and who imposed a real clan system. “The self-appointed president Smirnov, for instance, appointed his boys in key-positions – one is head of customs, and the other the manager of «Sheriff » - through whom he controls the whole economy," Deleu said. They created newly supermarkets, more beautiful than everything found in Moldova. "There is no doubt, this is dirty money coming from contraband, or traffic". French reporter also reminds about the sudden change of attitude of the president of Moldova, Vladimir Voronin, who stated, a while ago, "He has proofs about the gun and that separatists sent guns to Saddam Hussein". The solution for this "black hole of Europe" is the agreement between Russia and the European Union, as the self-proclaimed Transnistrian leaders do not have any interest to negotiate or to evict the ammunitions, which are a currency or a pressure gun, the French reporter considers.

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