85% of mayoral incumbents are seeking reelection, ADEPT

The Democratic Party of Moldova has 329 mayoral incumbents who seek reelection. PSRM has 130 and the ACUM bloc DA and PAS has 114 mayors who are running for a new term. The data was presented at an IPN press conference by Igor Boțan, executive director of the Association for Participatory Democracy ADEPT and can be found on the alegeri.md website.

The ADEPT executive director said that PDM expectations are quite high, given the large number of incumbent mayors participating in this election cycle. PLDM has 43 incumbent mayors running for office, PCRM - 21, and "Partidul Nostru" - 16 candidate mayors. "Although Partidul Nostru had over 40 mayors after the 2015 elections, the majority migrated to the Socialist Party", pointed out Igor Boțan.

The data suggests that, in addition to mayors who are party members, 85 independent mayors are also seeking reelection. "According to statistics, out of the 776 incumbent mayors who participate in these elections, we can expect that 50-60 percent will win the elections", predicted the ADEPT executive director. As a result, we can anticipate that the PDM, with all the problems it has, will have a far better result than what is expected based on opinion polls. "The data is very important because it can make predictions regarding the results of the next elections", said Igor Boțan.

According to the ADEPT executive director, 85% of incumbent mayors are seeking reelection. "58% of mayors who won the 2011 election, were reelected in 2015", said Igor Boțan.

The ADEPT representative said that the new vision for alegeri.md website appeared a year and a half ago. The implementation was supported by the Soros Foundation in Moldova. The webpage dedicated to the local elections on the alegeri.md website is supported by the US Embassy in the Republic of Moldova, while the detailed Chișinău webpage is supported by the United States Agency for International Development, through Promo-LEX.

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