300 dwellers of block from Mircea cel Bătrân Blvd make call to President

Representatives of Condominium Co-owners Associations 56/143 and 55/347, in the name of over dwellers of the buildings located at 13/1 and 13/2 Mircea cel Bătrân Blvd in Ciocana district of Chisinau, made a call to the President. They ask to subject a number of judges that they suspect of acts of corruption after these ruled in favor of a company that erects buildings illegally near their blocks and endanger their lives to disciplinarily and external assessments.

In a news conference at IPN, representatives of the two associations of dwellers said the developer continues the building works event if it does not have a valid construction authorization as the authorization challenged in court expired. No public authority has the courage to stop the works that are very dangerous for the people’s safety and for the urbanistic aspect of Ciocana district of Chisinau.

Olga Munteanu, president of Condominium Co-owners Associations 56/143, said that after the dwellers won the case in the ordinary court, they hoped the Appeals Court will also honorably fulfill its responsibilities and will pass a correct judgment. But it wasn’t meant to be as some of the judges are bribed so that they take decisions in favor of the building companies. The dwellers hope that in the May 12 hearing, the judges of the Supreme Court of Justice will thoroughly examine this case and will shed light. If the judges uphold the decision of the Appeals Court, the over 300 dwellers and the business entities are ready to protest and even to go to the ECHR to seek justice.

Lawyer Artur Macovei said that as a lawyer, he asks that the dwellers should enjoy a fair trial. He made a call for legality, order and respect for the rights of all the people, not only of the building companies. According to the lawyer, the dwellers covered all the legal ways, but met with the inaction of the responsible bodies. All the state institutions should react and come with measures when there is an alleged illegality. They should examine the situation and provide a response as to the existence of schemes or personal interests.

Denis Dobrioglo, a dweller of the block from 13/2 Mircea cel Bătrân Blvd, said their case is actually not the only one and the last one when the human rights are limited. There will be many other similar cases if things are not brought in order and Chisinau will soon turn into a Shanghai where nothing will be clear. No one wants to bear responsibility for one thing or another.

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