2021 leaves us our treasure: folklore and a lot of romances. Conductor Petre Neamțu

With positive and negative moments, 2021 is coming to an end and what it generated leaves an imprint on the destiny of the person, family, the country. IPN spoke with those who care and have what to say about victories and failures, hopes and letdowns, achievements and losses. How 2021 was for the man and artist Petre Neamțu, artistic director and first conductor of the Folk Music Orchestra “Folclor” of the National Philharmonic “Sergey Lunkevich”. A People’s Artist, holder of the National Award 2021.

For artists, 2021 was better than the previous year when, due to the pandemic, all the artistic groups and not only practically didn’t work. This year, the Orchestra “Folclor” has had a number of performances. The competition “Folclor” Orchestra Presents” – an initiative of the first conductor dating from the time he worked at the radio station – was resumed.

“I invented this competition for singers and instrumentalists. Once in three months, we hold a televised concert with three-four singers, one-two instrumentalists and several professional singers in a recital so that it is a kind of example for the young ones. The performances are filmed. In two-three months, we stage a new pre-selection, three editions in total. At the end of the year, we have a gala concert that involves everyone. This year we held the concert in November. This competition is valuable and is very important for us,” stated Petre Neamțu.

After the fire that destroyed the National Philharmonic last September, the Orchestra “Folclor” moved to the Palace of the Republic where it has rehearsals and gets ready for concerts. There were many different and interesting events – Dragobete, day of the embroidered peasant blouse, etc. However, for the Orchestra “Folclor”, which is the only one that sings romances, the Romantic Songs Festival “Silver Chrysanthemum” was very important. The ensemble worked a lot to make sure that the performance was perfect.

Another important event took place recently. This is the “Youth of Romance” that is produced in concert with Alina Mavrodin, director of the Festival “Silver Chrysanthemum” in Târgoviște, Romania. The concert involved Romanian singers.

Petre Neamțu had prodigious activity this year. He heads the jury at a number of national competitions, is the chairman of different commissions and a lecturer at the Academy of Music, Theater and Plastic Arts.

2021 brought him the National Award for remarkable accomplishments in promoting the folkloric treasure and in developing the national music area. With a lot of modesty, he says that this award is a great responsibility and that he didn’t expect it will be given to him. “I’m surely happy and it does not come to money as the recognition is more important,” said the artist, noting his family, his granddaughter who studies in Italy and his grandson who settled in England rejoiced at lot at the news he will get the award.

Petre Neamțu feels happy and accomplished as he has a united family and his wife supports him all the time. He is happy to have his second family, the Orchestra “Folclor” that has about 25 members. They are all very united and do everything together and help the young members of the ensemble to easier integrate. The young instrumentalists come to them as they know they have what to learn from them.

Petre Neamțu said 2021 leaves him with very good results achieved by the orchestra and by his grandchildren who learn very well. “2021 leaves us our treasure: folklore and a lot of romances. I would like the pandemic to end as we have a lot of different programs. We want to be able to work freely. We are happy we can work now, even with the hall half full. At the height of the pandemic, we only filmed for TV, with the hall empty, which is depressing for an artist,” he stated.

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