100 years of publication of poem “Our language”

The literary community on June 21celebarted the 100th anniversary of the publication by writer Alexei Mateevici of the poem “Our language”, which in 1995 became the national anthem of the Republic of Moldova. The event was marked by laying of flowers, a poetry recital and speeches near Alexei Mateevici’s bust on the Alley of Classical Writers of the Romanian Literature, IPN reports.

Dumitru Apetre, of the Institute of Philology of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova, who is a member of the Writers Union of Moldova and Romania, said the poet couldn’t have named the poem “Our Romanian Language” owing to the linguistic problems that existed in that period and continue nowadays. “Not everyone accepted then, after 100 years of Russian domination, the notion of Romanian language. But he meant namely the Romanian language. In his publicist articles, not only once he said that Romanians live in Bessarabia and the language spoken here is Romanian,” stated Dumitru Apetre.

Arcadie Suceveanu, president of the Writers Union of Moldova, said the verses written 100 years ago refer to a linguist reality experienced now as well. The Romanian language in the Republic of Moldova is still on barricades. Poet Alexei Mateevici illustrates the truth. By this poem he showed that a poet can remain in literature through one poem only. “The poem “Our language” is his masterpiece. It is one of the most beautiful poems about the Romanian language written ever. It is a poem that became the national anthem of the country,” stated Arcadie Suceveanu.

The Romanian Literature Museum “Mihail Kogalniceanu” mounted an exhibition of books, documents and photos on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the publication of the poem “Our language”. The Museum’s director Vasile Malanetski said the words of this poem continue to be topical. “There were tumultuous times then as well. We have to periodically experience such crucial moments. We should clear again our minds and know who we are, what language we speak and what our values actually are,” stated Malanetski.

The poem “Our language” consists of 12 units of four verses each. The poem was read by Alexei Mateevici at the Congress of Writers of Bessarabia, where it was decided to switch over to the Latin script. On July 22, 1995, the members of Moldova’s Parliament decided that units 1, 2, 5, 8 and 12 of the poem “Our language” will represent the national anthem of the Republic of Moldova.

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