Level of water in the Nistru and the Prut goes up, buy no floods are expected

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07:03, 17 Mar 2018

Level of water in the Nistru and the Prut goes up, buy no floods are expected

Following the warning about heavy mixed precipitation during March 18-20, the State Hydrometeorological Service forecast rises in the level of water in rivers at the local level and intensive leaks on slopes, with the risk of local flooding, IPN reports.

In the recent past, a record level of water was recorded at the Zaleshchiki hydrological post of the Dnestrovsk accumulation lake, but this started to decline. After the volume of water discharged from the Dnestrovsc accumulation lake was increased to 850 m3/s, the level of water rose on the section between Naslavcea village of Ocnita district and Dubasari town to 0.6 m.

After the volume of water discharged from the Dubasari accumulation lake was raised to 750 m3/s, the level of water rose on the section between Dubasari town and Cioburciu village of Stefan Voda district to 1.7 m. The level of water in the Prut River grew the most at the Sirauti hydrological post of the Costesti-Stanca accumulation lake. The rise was of 2.35 m. The level of water in the Costesti-Stanca accumulation lake rose by 0.5m.

It is projected that the water level on the mentioned sections of the Nistru and the Prut will remain high during March 17-19. The business entities that manage the accumulation lakes are warned to take care of the levees.

Contacted by IPN, vice director of Moldova’s Water Agency Radu Stratuta said the created situation poses no threat of floods. The volumes of discharged water are large, but the situation is under control. The Ukrainian side now discharges 900 m3/s, while the Moldovan barrages can cope with volumes of up to 1 000 m3/s. “If the volumes are larger than 1 000 m3/s and there is precipitation on the territory of the Republic of Moldova, floods are possible in parts, but these would not affect localities and land,” stated Stratuta.

07:03, 17 Mar 2018

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