Section of Chisinau street 31 August to be closed to traffic

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15:49, 07 Dec 2018

Section of Chisinau street 31 August to be closed to traffic

The section of 31 August 1989 St between the streets Mitropolit Gavriil Bãnulescu-Bodoni and A. Pushkin will be accessible to traffic between December 8 midnight and January 15 due to the preparations for the second Chrisman Bazaar that is to be inaugurated on December 15. The traffic will be diverted to adjoining streets, IPN reports.

While the Chrisman Bazaar will work, as of December 15, the visitors could leave their cars in specially set up parking places, including in the Great National Assembly Square, with entrance from Mitropolit Gavriil Bãnulescu-Bodoni St.

15:49, 07 Dec 2018

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