Fifth Movie Night under the Stars Festival to run Aug.23-Sept.8

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09:57, 18 Aug 2018

Fifth Movie Night under the Stars Festival to run Aug.23-Sept.8

Starting next Thursday, the National History Museum’s lawn will host film screenings as part of the fifth edition of the Movie Night under the Stars festival.

The Festival will take place for three weeks, Thursdays trhough Saturdays, until September 8.

The movies will begin at 8:30PM and will be shown in the original language with Romanian subtitles.

Organizers say the Festival aims to promote good films and offer people an event of cultural entertainment together with the opportunity to spend a beautiful evening with the loved ones.

The program includes comedy classics like Some Like it Hot (1959) or The Diamond Arm/Brilliantovaya ruka (1969), as well as history films like Ștefan cel Mare – Vaslui 1475 (1975).

The entrance fee is 20 lei. Visitors are encouraged to bring blankets. Drinking and smoking are forbidden.

09:57, 18 Aug 2018

Other news

17 January 2007
Experts of General Urban Plan of Chisinau suggest approving Regulations on historical zone of the capital Special Regulations on the historical zone of the capital would enable to attract investments for revitalising the zone, general director of “Urbanproiect” Institute, Iurie Povar, stated Wednesday, January 17, as part of the public debates on “Cultural and Historical Values” related to the General Urban Plan (GUP). GUP experts put emphasis on the protection of the central zone of the city and removal of negative effects caused by traffic jams. About 50% of the transport units that cross the city have no business in this zone, but still choose it, having no ring road that would take traffic around the edge of the city. Among the projects intended to protect and develop the city’s landscape of historical, esthetical or cultural importance, there is proposed to work out the basic historical-cultural plan and to establish the list of priorities meant to carry out certain programmes to protect, regenerate the historical and cultural patrimony, as well as to reconstruct the network of streets in the old city and rehabilitate the streets in the historical zone. Certain projects, in which the Government is involved, could subvert the concept of conserving the cultural and historical patrimony in the central zone of the city, said director of Business Consulting Institute (BCI), Mihai Roscovan. He speaks about several large districts to be built, including 30-storied blocks of flats, a fact that would entail demolishing a number of buildings of historical importance. “We will oppose as much as possible, explaining that this action is a crime against the community, we will show the advantages for which we must protect this zone”, said Roscovan. As he states, if the building of the block of flats is accepted in the centre of the capital, the zone will be seriously affected by traffic jams much more than it is at present. BCI director asserts that funds to revitalise the historical centre of the capital can be obtained from UNESCO and EU that allot millions of euros in this regard. Chisinau municipality has the most important collection of architectural monuments in Moldova, which comprises 977 protected objects, including over 700 objects of local importance and about 240 of national importance. A quarter of them are historical buildings. As Iurie Povar says, the recent reports showed that at least 10% of the monuments have disappeared due to the lack of projects designed to protect and implement them. The General Urban Plan was worked out by “Urbanproiect” consortium, Business Consulting Institute and IHS Romania. The strategic committee and experts of the GUP project organise public debates on the document from 17 to 26 January.
16 January 2007
Tree care will continue this year in Chisinau
13 January 2007
Fire killed two on Friday
11 January 2007
Heavy snowfalls and blizzard have damaged several villages in Cimislia
Drunk driver kills child, grandfather
10 January 2007
Civil society invited to discuss two development plans of Chisinau
Robbery attempt at gas station in Sangera town
3 injured in road accidents caused by sleet
09 January 2007
Road accidents kill one and injure five on holidays
06 January 2007
Christmas trees in Nisporeni had not been cut illicitly
05 January 2007
Death crash driver arrested
Capital’s authorities to decide on new school in Condrita
Santa brings 70 kg of drugs to an inhabitant of Visoca
04 January 2007
Sleet did not lead to more accidents than usually
02 January 2007
4 die in fires this week-end 300 workplaces closed in Basarabeasca in 2006
28 December 2006
Santa brings heat to Nisporeni
27 December 2006
Basarabeasca raion may have a new asylum for older people in 2007
26 December 2006
A Christmas Miracle
25 December 2006
Police inspect intensively marketplaces on holidays


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