Balti mayor’s office tops rankings of most transparent local public authorities
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16:29, 09 Nov 2018

The mayor’s offices of the towns of Balti, Cahul and Cimislia and the district councils of Straseni, Falesti and Cahul are the most open ones in Moldova and ensure transparency in the activity of the local public authorities. The managers of these were awarded by the Institute for Development and Social Initiative “Viitorul”, IPN reports.

According to the report on the monitoring of the openness to people of the local public authorities in 2018, the Balti mayor’s officer scored 82 points, being followed by the mayor’s offices of Cimislia and Cahul with 62 points each. These mayor’s offices were among the top ten most transparent local public authorities in 2017 as well.

According to “Viitorul”, only the Balti mayor’s office on its website published the government procurement contracts signed last year and the tender contest results by indicating the real estate, address, area, destination, price and decision of the council. The mayor’s offices of Cahul and Straseni, which were placed second by the ensured transparency, presented the activity reports and annual financial activity analyses of municipal enterprises in 2017. These also made public the property statements of mayors.

Among the most open district councils is that of Straseni. This published all the draft decisions that can be easier found on its website, being structured according to the date of the meeting. The Straseni district administration  published the procurement contracts and detailed information about all the types of social services on its website.

The administration of Falesti district ranks second. On its website, this published the CV of the managers of municipal enterprises and annual financial activity analyses, being the best example in this regard. The Cahul District Council is the authority that went up the most in the 2018 rankings. All its draft decisions and approved decisions were published on its website and the people were actively engaged in public consultations and hearings.

The winning authorities were awarded trophies and diplomas of honor.

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