Draw staged by Termoelectrica on Chisinau City’s Day
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11:07, 12 Oct 2018

SA Termoelectrica will hold a draw to offer three free apartment heating and hot water tickets on the Chisinau City’s Day. The draw is intended for the residents of Chisinau municipality who are connected to the centralized heating system. The winners will be chosen at the tent of SA Termoelectrica that will be pitched downtown on October 14, IPN reports.

In a press release, the company said that to be able to take part in the draw the residents should prove that they do not have debts to the supplier and should present the heat and hot water bills for the last month. The participants will have to declare on their own responsibility that they own or rent the apartment and must have the identity card on them.

The registration for the draw starts at 10:00am and ends at 3:50pm, at the stand of Termoelectrica that will be placed in the central park of Chisinau, in Europe Square. The winners will be chosen by draw publicly the same day, starting at 4pm, at the company’s stand. The presence of participants in the draw is mandatory. If the chosen person is absent, another ticket will be extracted.

The winners will be awarded certificates according to the won prize. The winner of the top prize will not pay for heat and hot water in October, November and December. Those who will win the second and third prizes will not pay for these services in November and December and in December respectively.

This is the second draw of the kind held by the heat supplier SA Termoelectrica. Details about the campaign can be found in the regulations available on the company’s website www.termoelectrica.md.

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