Flower shops in Chisinau besieged by buyers
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11:39, 08 Mar 2018

On March 8, from early morning, the flower shops in Chisinau have been besieged by buyers. For the dear women, the men chose roses, tulips, hyacinth and orchids. The prices of flowers and floral arrangements vary depending on preferences, between 20 and over 1,000 lei, IPN reports.

Even if the buyers consider the prices are rather high, for mothers, sisters and wives they are ready to pay these sums at least on such a feast day so that none of their dear women remains without attention. Some of them said yesterday they purchased flowers for female coworkers, but today they want to purses fresh flowers for their beloved women.

According to the sellers, the red tulips and roses are in great demand. For a Dutch tulip, the buyers pay 25 lei, while for the Moldovan ones by 20 lei each. Roses cost 50 to 100 lei apiece. Narcissuses are sold for 15 lei apiece, while hyacinths, cyclamens and spring crocuses for at least 45 lei apiece.

The floral arrangements in baskets are the most expensive ones. Their prices vary between 400 to over 1,000 lei, depending on the number and sort of flowers. The advantage of the flora arrangements is that these last long.

Traders said the prices of flowers remained the same as a week ago.

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