Chisinau end-users can sign individual contracts with water supplier
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14:45, 08 Apr 2016

The consumers in Chisinau can sign individual contracts for the supply of public water and sewerage services with SA “Apa Canal Chisinau”. This is provided in the new regulations concerning the public water supply and sewerage services that recently came into force. The public utility will bear responsibility for the whole water supply process. The losses recorded inside blocks will not be included in the bills, but will be covered by the operator, IPN reports.

In a press release, SA “Apa Canal Chisinau” says the signing of contracts with each apartment owner/lessee envisions the application of a separate terrify for the provision of this service, at request. The service is invoiced based on the data of the individual meters installed in apartments and the separate tariff.

One of the conditions for signing such a contract is for this to include all the apartment owners or lessees of the block. If some of the dwellers are absent, the contract can be signed, but by observing the legal norms. The apartment where the owner is absent or there is no person empowered notarially to represent the interests of this will be disconnected for an indefinite period.

Also, the operator, based on the distinct tariff paid by each apartment owner installs water meters in each apartment so that the data could be read at a distance.

Under the individual contracts, the apartment building managers must fulfill a number of conditions. These must install meters for measuring water consumption in common areas and sign a contract for the provision of the service for these consumption places.

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