Aspects of identity of Chisinau discussed at international conference

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12:41, 19 Oct 2017

Aspects of identity of Chisinau discussed at international conference

Forty persons have registered to take part in the fourth International Conference “Identities of Chisinau” that is held in the capital city during October 19-20. During two days, the participants will debate aspects of the identity of Chisinau and will make effort to identify solutions for developing the city. The most interesting proposals will be incorporated into a book that will have the same title as the conference. The event is organized by the National Associations of Young Historians of Moldova in partnership with the Civic Group for Cultural Heritage, IPN reports.

Sergiu Musteatas, professor at the State Teacher Training University of Chisinau “Ion Creanga”, said the event centers aspects of the identity of Chisinau, such as elements of history, culture and management in the past, present and future.

Chief architect of Chisinau municipality Sergiu Borozan said the city now changes its image under the influence of globalization tendencies. “Globalization covers many countries of the world. With the current accelerated city development paces, some 80% of the population will soon live in urban areas. This requires conserving urban identity and historical heritage,” stated Sergiu Borozan.

Ion Stefanita, director of the Agency of Monument Inspection and Restoration, said Chisinau in time faced different infrastructure problems. “We set the goal of stopping the swift demolition of the historical center of Chisinau, witnessed after the declaration of independence. During the past four years, no permissive documents for demolishing buildings that are historical monuments have been issued. This is gladdening. We must understand that the city develops and a balance is needed. All the institutions should contribute to creating such a mechanism,” he stated.

Alexandru Corduneanu, of the Civic Group for Cultural Heritage, noted that an integrationist approach is needed to enable the city to develop. The city cannot be “read and written” without the presence of writers. There is no city without sociologists, specialists in cultural heritage and urban anthropologists. Namely these specialists will contribute to working out a model for developing Chisinau. The Government and the presidential administration should also suggest development ideas as Chisinau is theirs too.

On the first day, the conference will be held at the Postal Tour of Chisinau and will center on aspects of history, culture and traditions of the capital city. On October 20, the Museum of Arts will host a workshop that will discuss Chisinau in literature.

12:41, 19 Oct 2017

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