Pavel Midrigan: Politicians’ statements are no enough and mechanism of power should be used very ably
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05:48, 14 Mar 2019

Jurist Pavel Midrigan considers the statements and slogans of the MPs representing the bloc ACUM are not enough and the mechanism of power should be used very ably. According to him, democracy also means a procedure and when this procedure exists, it should be respected.

“We adjust ourselves to particular European norms. We agree a procedure to elect the prosecutor general and say that it is better so. We now see that the elected prosecutor should be dismissed,” the jurist stated in the program “Fabrika” on Publika TV channel.

He noted it is hard for the bloc ACUM to put its initiatives into practice as Parliament hasn’t been yet created as a functional body and the parliamentary groups haven’t been formed. “It’s a pity that those from the bloc ACUM do not understand or understand, but prefer to stick to the idea that they will be able to do what they promised. If we want democracy as least to a small extent, we should respect this procedure. If we do not respect it, what would we turn into then?” asked Pavel Midrigan. He stated it is not clear how the bills proposed by ACUM could obtain passage through Parliament and wondered if these bills are really the most important initiatives at present.

Jurist Alexandru Kuznetsov said the initiatives presented by ACUM cannot be introduced into Parliament on behalf of the bloc as this is not the subject of the legislative initiative. Given that the bloc ACUM proposed removing the chiefs of a number of state institutions, a question appears here, is the law or the person is more important in the system? “We can deduce from this that the state Republic of Moldova is not based on the rule of law or the dictatorship of the law. It is based on the dictatorship of a person who decides. In this case, we can remove them from power, but with arguments,” he stated.

According to the jurist, the system and those “doors” through which some people become “captured” should be reformed. “We must change the system and then the people. We should change the current political environment and this should be done not only by ACUM, but by all the parties,” said Alexandru Kuznetsov.

The electoral bloc ACUM DA PAS on March 12 rejected the Party of Socialists’ invitation to have a dialogue and discuss the formation of a parliamentary majority. The leaders of ACUM said the adoption of a set of bills to free the state institution from captivity, to establish the rule of law and build a democratic state is the best solution in the created situation. Other legislative proposals that they will introduce refer to the adjustment of the legislation concerning the dismissal of the prosecutor general, the administration of the Security and Intelligence Service and members of the Central Election Commission, the National Anticorruption Council, the Audiovisual Council, the National Integrity Authority, the Supreme Court of Justice and other institutions. They will also propose annulling the mixed electoral system and forming three parliamentary commissions of inquiry that would investigate the banking fraud, would determine the consequences of the implementation of the law on capital amnesty and would probe money laundering operations. Earlier, the bloc ACUM declared it will also not have discussions with another parliamentary party – the Democratic Party of Moldova.

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