Resident ambassadors speak about women’s rights in Moldova
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06:29, 08 Mar 2018

The rights of women should exist nor only on paper, in the legislation, but should also be really respected by the whole society. The women in Moldova should be organized to be able to cope with all the responsibilities and gender equality should be more intensely promoted. Such opinions about women’s rights in Moldova were stated by resident ambassadors in the program “Politics” on TV8 channel, IPN reports.

British Ambassador to Moldova Lucy Joyce said it is very important for the rights of women not to exist on paper only and they should be really respected by everyone. “I think there is place for the better in the Republic of Moldova and I would like to see much more opportunities for women, especially in the business sector, entrepreneurship. I think women can do much more to speak about their rights and I’m glad to see that this thing is even more pronounced in the independent media sector,” stated Lucy Joyce.

Germany’s Ambassador in Chisinau Julia Monarn noted that she has stayed in Moldova for only half a year, but met a lot of talented and educated women. “I’m really surprised at the fact how women cope with the professional life, being simultaneously mothers and wives. I think they should be organized to be able to cope with all the responsibilities,” said the diplomat.

Swedish Ambassador Signe Burgstaller said there are many wise, talented women and women with many resources in Moldova and at least in some of the areas the women are aware of their rights and claim them. However, gender equality should be more intensely promoted, especially in rural areas. “Particular progress was made, at least during my stay here. Evidently, this occurred more in the legislative and regulatory sectors – there were adopted the national strategy for ensuring gender equality, the strategy for combating and preventing domestic violence. This is surely a very important step,” said Signe Burgstaller. According to her, these laws should be implemented, but also other things should be done to accelerate reforms in the field.

Austria’s Ambassador Christine Freilinger said the women in Moldova are extraordinary as artists and as designers, in economy, politics and social life, but should be more active and contribute to the country’s welfare so that this develops swifter.

The Ambassador of Italy in Chisinau Valeria Biagiotti said many things are yet to be done in Moldova in terms of gender equality. It is evident that women play a very important role in maintaining the family, but it is as important for them to pronounce and be able to speak about their rights.

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