Parties started election campaign in opening sitting of Parliament, opinion
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07:18, 09 Feb 2018

What happened in Parliament in the sitting that opened the spring-summer session of the legislature, namely the adoption by the MPs of a statement by which Russia’s information attacks on the national information security and its abusive interference in politics are condemned, represented the start of the election campaign for all the parties. Such an opinion was stated in the talk show “Politics” on TV8 channel, IPN reports.

Political analyst Victor Ciobanu said the geopolitical element was introduced in the legislature. “I think this agenda will be used throughout the year,” he stated, noting that there are much more important and interesting themes with which the current session of Parliament should have started.

According to Vladislav Kulminski, executive director of the Institute for Strategic Initiatives, the government’s decision on the geopolitical theme is not a good choice and this idea is not precisely logical. “The period through which we go now is more dangerous, more unpredictable than a cold war because there is a kind of cold war between the Russian Federation and the West and this is something real. We cannot know the consequences of this struggle. Thus, Parliament shouts openly and loudly that Moldova took sides with the West in this cold war with the Russian Federation and this statement that was adopted by the legislature is most probably a signal for the Western capitals,” stated Vladislav Kulminski.

Political commentator Corneliu Ciurea said the Democratic Party considers that the geopolitical theme and Russia’s unfavorable influence on Moldova are more important than other subjects. “This is the attitude of those who are in power and they have the right to choose the main theme, including of the campaign,” he stated.

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