Media NGOs call on Ministry of Interior to investigate case of mistreatment of journalist
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18:41, 30 May 2016

A number of nongovernmental organizations express their concern about the repeated attempts to ill-treat journalists and to prevent them from informing themselves while on the job. The NGOs issued a statement in connection with the mistreatment of a journalist of the portal by which they call on the Ministry of the Interior to investigate this case, IPN reports.

The signatories said that a number of online portals on May 30 broadcast videos of the incident that happened in the Great National Assembly Square after a news conference given by the Platform “Dignity and Truth”. “The journalist of Vadim Ungureanu was pushed and insulted by a person close to the leaders of the Platform,” it is said in the statement.

The public associations warn that the intentional hampering of the work of the mass media or the journalist and the intimidation of the mass media or the journalist for criticism are considered dangerous social deeds that must be punished in accordance with the Penal Code.

In accordance with the Contravention Code, mistreatment in public places is considered act of hooliganism and is liable to penalties.

The statement was signed by the Independent Journalism Center, the Electronic Press Association, the Center “Acces-Info” and the Committee for the Freedom of the Press.

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