Political class uses general public to promote its political message, opinion
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05:48, 04 Jun 2014

Until the political classes aim only to divide society and monopolize particular electoral segments, it’s impossible to reach a social consensus on the external development course that Moldova should follow. The Moldovan political class does not make effort to inform the general public, but only uses it to promote its political message, said Mihail Sirkeli, executive director of the Comrat Youth Center “Piligrim-Demo”.

“Civil society is making effort, but the political class should be convinced that there are also other ways of winning the elections, including by uniting, not dividing society. Nothing is possible and durable when the parties want to divide, not to consolidate. Until the political culture in Moldova does not change, I see no way of reaching a social consensus on the country’s course,” Mihail Sirkeli said in the public debate “Romania as a model for Moldova’s European course”, held by IPN News Agency in partnership with Radio Moldova.

According to him, Moldovan society does not have time to think about the benefits of joining the EU because the Russian propaganda has a major influence on a significant part of society. “The population does not have time to relax and analyze the possibilities and advantages of integrating into the EU or the Eurasian Economic Union. The propaganda disseminated by the Russian media is aimed at cultivating phobias among the Moldovan people who have greater access to the Russian TV channels. This arouses instincts that are reflected by the sociological polls,” said the executive director of the Comrat Youth Center “Piligrim-Demo”.

In the same connection, Mihail Sirkeli said that Romania is a model from which Moldova can learn positive things, especially as regards the national minorities and their integration into society. He underlined that Romania’s role in the European integration process is important for Moldova, but is perceived negatively by the people in Gagauzia, who have pronounced nostalgia for the Soviet Union and does not want Romania to play a visible role in the rapprochement between Moldova and the EU.

The debate “Romania as a model for Moldova’s European course” is the 30th of the series of debates “Development of political culture in public debates” that are organized by IPN in concert with Radio Moldova and are supported by Germany’s Hanns Seidel Foundation of Germany.

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