Budget-funded employees to have nine-day vacation at end-August

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16:57, 20 Aug 2018

Budget-funded employees to have nine-day vacation at end-August

August 28, 29 and 30 will be nonworking days this year. Instead, September 8 and 29 and October 20, which fall on Saturday, will be working days. This way, together with Saturdays and Sundays and with August 27 and 31, which are public holidays, the budget-funded employees will have a nine-day vacation, from August 25 until September 2. A decision to this effect was approved by the Cabinet on August 20, IPN reports.

Minister of Health, Labor and Social Protection Svetlana Cebotari said the decision was taken in a move to optimally organize the working and leisure time. They took into account the fact that the Independence Day is celebrated on August 27 and the Language Day is marked on August 31 and these days are officially nonworking days.

16:57, 20 Aug 2018
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