Partially compensated tickets to health resorts will become available from Feb. 26

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17:59, 22 Feb 2018

Partially compensated tickets to health resorts will become available from Feb. 26

The list of entities that have the right to tickets to sanatoriums in the course of 2018, based on state social insurance contributions transferred to the state social insurance budget in 2017, takes effect on February 26. The medically insured persons have the right to apply for tickets to spas once in three years on condition that they worked for not less than six months. The employees who work simultaneously for a number of entities benefit from the right to enjoy spa treatment based on the main job.

Natalia Vlas, consultant at the Spa Treatment Division, has told IPN that those who want can file an application at the workplace, accompanied by form 070 from the family doctor. A ticket is issued if the applicants meet the conditions. The price of a ticket depends on the health resort and the requested treatment, but is 80% compensated. The 20% paid by the beneficiaries will constitute about 1,000 lei. The average price of a ticket in 2018 is 5,507 lei.

Of the total of 55,600 entities that contribute to the state social insurance budget, 1,904 entities have the right to one or more tickets through the National Confederation of Trade Unions, while 1,980 through the National House of Social Insurance. If the sum for spa treatment calculated based on the social insurance contribution (23%) exceeds the average price of the ticket of 5,507 lei, the entities have the right to two or more tickets. 51,700 entities cannot request tickets because they do not cover the average price of a ticket by their contributions.

Natalia Vlas said the 2018 state social insurance budget includes 30 million lei for covering the cost of spa treatment for medically insured persons.

Detailed information about the method of issuing tickets is available on the website of the National House of Social Insurance in the division: Other social benefits/Treatment tickets/Spa treatment for insured persons. The list of entities can be found in the division: Forms/ Spa treatment for insured persons.

17:59, 22 Feb 2018
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