Valeriu Pasat refuses to take part in contest for post of Academy of Sciences president
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14:39, 14 Mar 2019

The General Assembly of the third section of sciences of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova – the Section of Social, Economic, Humanistic Sciences and Arts – proposed two candidates for the post of president of the Academy of Sciences, but one of these refused to take part. Academician Alexandru Roșca supported candidate Ion Tighineanu, the acting president of the Academy, while academician Andrei Eșanu, correspondent member of the Academy Demir Dragnev and Doctor Habilitate Constantin Manolache proposed academician Valeriu Pasat. The latter refused yet to become involved, arguing he would take part in such a contest it this was transparent and free from political influence, but would not take part in a ‘show’ where the winner is already known, IPN reports. 

Valeriu Pasat said the Academy of Sciences of Moldova is an autonomous public institution of national interest, independent from the public authorities, but its members are now politicized and if the politicization in the Academy and corruption are not stopped, the institution will disappear.

After Valeriu Pasat refused to take part, only the name of Ion Tighineanu was written in the ballot. As a result of the secret ballot, Ion Tighineanu polled 17 votes. Seven persons voted against and one ballot was declared invalid. Ion Tighineanu was voted as a candidate for the presidency of the Academy also at the General Assemblies of the other two sections of sciences, held on March 4 and March 6 respectively.

The final decision is taken by the Academy’s supreme administrative body, the Assembly, by a secret ballot. The date of its meeting will be set by the Superior Council. The president of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova holds office for six years.

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