20 persons arrested for corruptible medicine selling schemes
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15:57, 09 Feb 2018

Twenty persons were arrested on suspicion that they put into practice corruptible schemes within which sales agents of pharmaceutical companies agreed with doctors of medical-sanitary institutions to promote their products, IPN reports.

Among those arrested are 12 employees of health facilities of Chisinau, Cahul and Edinet and eight representatives of pharmaceutical companies based in Chisinau. The arrests were made on February 9 following searches.

According to the National Anticorruption Center, the representatives of pharmaceutical companies identified doctors of medical institutions and persuaded these to prescribe to patients particular drugs that were in pharmacies’ stores. For their promotion services, the health professionals were regularly awarded money, goods or sponsorships for trips abroad.

The sales agents insisted that the doctors should prescribe more drugs to patients, especially medicines whose use-by date was close to expiring.

The anticorruption officers also investigated the actions of members of the council for drugs compensated from the mandatory health insurance funds, who included or maintained particular medicines in the list of compensated drugs in breach of the relevant regulations.

The schemes have been monitored for a period. The investigation continues so as to identify all those involved. The doctors face up to ten years in jail, while the employees of pharmaceutical companies up to six years behind bars.

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