All children of community house “Viitorul” make progress, CCF
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10:04, 07 Dec 2017

Ten children with severe disabilities aged between three and 14 live in the community house “Viitorul” (“Future”) that was opened by the Association “Child, Community, Family” Moldova last November. Before moving to this house, the children stayed at the municipal center for children of an early age in Chisinau. Two more children will join them by this yearend, IPN reports.

CCF Moldova president Liliana Rotaru has told IPN that none of the children who live in the community house “Viitorul” can move independently. Only two children can eat by themselves if they are assisted. However, all of them have made progress since they moved to the house. The two children who eat with the assistance of the educator and caregiver learned to do this during the past six months.

Sixteen adults look after the children. These include medical assistants, cooks, psycho-pedagogues and kinetotherapists. “We gradually make progress, but cannot develop in six months what hasn’t been developed in 12 years. This is the difference between a community house and a placement center,” stated Liliana Rotaru.

The therapies underwent by children are related to kinetotherapy, positioning, postural management and development of personal care skills. The psycho-pedagogues do educational work with them. They paint, move toys from one part to another to develop fine motor skills. “Most of the children no longer need antibiotic treatment as earlier. Now they do not become ill so often,” said the CCF Moldova president.

The children were to leave the municipal center where they stayed at a particular age and go to the children’s house of Orhei or Hancesti. This would have been an additional trauma for them. “For a child, moving to another environment is stressful. Moreover, going further from Chisinau means going further from better services,” stated Liliana Rotaru.

The community house “Viitorul” was built on a plot allotted by the Chisinau Municipal Council. A sum of €20,000 went to erect this house. The money was collected in the Generosity Gala 2015.

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