Monthly norm of rain fell in Chisinau last night
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10:40, 01 Jun 2016

The monthly norm of rain fell in Chisinau on the night of June 1. A number of streets and basements in Chisinau were flooded, but no one was hurt. The amount of precipitation at national level was slightly smaller. Such information was provided by officials in charge in a meeting with Prime Minister Pavel Filip, IPN reports.

A similar meeting was convened last night. In this, the rapporteurs said that damage was caused in a number of areas of the country and the rapid intervention teams dealt with numerous requests. Pavel Filip asked to assess the damage caused by the rain last night.

In this morning’s meeting, the Premier and the members of the Cabinet, by a video link, were informed about the situation in Iargara village of Leova district, where the levee of a local lake burst and the water flowed into another larger lake. Alexandru Oprea, of the Civil Protection and Emergencies Service, who travelled to the scene, said measures were taken to strengthen the banks of the second lake. The situation there is now stable.

In Hancesti town, an apartment building was flooded, but the dwellers are out of danger. Minister of the Interior Alexandru Jizdan said a number of cases of basement and cell flooding were reported all over the country, but they reacted on time. “There were power outages in parts, but the situation was remedied. We are now assessing the risks. Rain is expected today again. We work intensely to reinforce the levees. There is no risk on the Nistru and Prut Rivers. Abundant precipitation will not cause floods there,” he stated.

According to the rapporteurs, the heaviest rain was witnessed in Chisinau municipality, where the monthly norm fell during two hours and a half. Light rain was forecast for the next few days, in parts torrential and with hail. The level of water in the rivers is stable and no floods are anticipated.

Minister of Agriculture and Food Industry Eduard Grama said he does not possess information about the damage done in agriculture. In some of the settlements in southern Moldova, there was hail and the vines were affected, but more details will become available later.

Pavel Filip instructed to assess the levees in all the communities so as to prevent floods and to create an active cell within which representatives of all the ministries will cooperate so as to react swiftly.

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