Campaign to promote rights of victims of domestic violence
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13:26, 25 May 2016

The National Coalition “Life without Violence in the Family” and the Platform for Gender Equality on May 25 launched the international campaign “WAVE Step Up!” in Chisinau. The campaign promotes the right of women and their children to live free from violence. It aims at improving the availability and access to quality specialized support services for women survivors of violence and their children. The organizers aim to stage lobbying activities for the authorities to develop assistance services intended for victims of domestic violence.

In a news conference la IPN, Elena Burca, director of the Association against Violence “Casa Marioarei”, which is a member of the Coalition, said the campaign will last for two years. The campaign’s activities wil be aimed at decision makers. “Emphasis will be placed on ensuring of access to quality specialized services for survivors of violence. This means opening of centers and support for nongovernmental organizations,” she stated.

According to Elena Burca, to obtain a more efficient result, the campaign will center on two problems: violence in the family and sexual violence. Stress will be placed on these aspects so as to ultimately obtain the improvement of the qualification of specialists at decision-making level and at the level of philanthropic assistance.

Coordinator of the National Coalition “Life without Violence in the Family” Veronica Vition said that domestic violence is a very serious problem, but this does not represent a priority and is not fully realized by society. “It is considered that this is a family-related problem that should not be exteriorized because the ‘silence law’ actually works,” she stated.

The Platform for Gender Equality’s head Valentina Bodrug-Lungu said the gender stereotypes have a direct impact on the situation in the family. Violence appears also because of the division of the roles in the family, education of children and spending of money. The problem of domestic violence should be addressed at all the levels, starting from the decision-making level and ending with the general problem in society. That’s why campaigns aimed at different groups of the population are needed.

Ludmila Popovici, executive director of the Rehabilitation Center for Torture Victims “Memoria”, said it is very painful that the direct assistance for the victims of domestic violence hasn’t been so far a priority for the state or the external donors. The direct assistance is the one that can play the most important role in preventing domestic violence.

Lilia Potang, jurist at the Association “Promo-LEX, said the Republic of Moldova has a defective legal framework and faces serious problems in the implementation of legislation that ensures the protection of victims of violence. “The attitude of the responsible authorities is not fully appropriate. These should become involved in solving cases of domestic violence,” she stated.

The international campaign “WAVE Step Up!” is initiated by the Women against Violence Europe network in 46 countries. The concrete activities that will be carried out in Moldova will be agreed by a working group that is to meet in the near future.

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