Big-hearted people save child's heart
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11:19, 22 Aug 2014

Larisa Stancu, a 3 year old girl who was born with a heart disease, was able to go to a hospital in Germany for treatment thanks to generous people from Moldova and abroad, who gathered the 12,000 lei needed for the trip, IPN reports.

The money was collected between August 11 and 18 during a campaign organized by the Association “Save a Heart”. The trip had to be expedited because the illness worsened the girl's general state, especially the immune system, and even a common cold could have been deadly.

“Lately, I've seen people become kinder and more caring about the fate of their fellows”, said Vlad Placinta, head of the Association “Save a Heart”.

After returning to Moldova, the girl's mother thanked all those who helped her. “I thank them from all my heart for their kindness and sensibility. I'm even more emotional that people who have never seen us called me and told me they want to save my daughter. You're wonderful and God bless you!”, said the woman.

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