Government of Japan offered about US$55,000 for purchasing medical equipment in Cimislia
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18:37, 07 Aug 2014

About 60,000 residents of Cimislia district have access to health services of a high quality owing to the three pieces of modern medical equipment purchased by the Health Center of Cimislia town with the financial support of the Government of Japan, which provided about US$55,000 within the Human Security Program “Kusanone”, IPN reports.

In a news conference held on the occasion of the handover of the medical equipment to the Cimislia Health Center, Parliamentary Vice Minister for Foreign Affairs of Japan Takao Makino said that Japan has constantly supported Moldova during the 23 years of independence in a move to help it improve the living standards, develop the market economy and promote the democratic values.

“The Japanese people pay an increased attention to the quality of life. Starting with 2008, the Government of Japan has implemented the Grassroots and Human Security
Grant Aid Program “Kusanone” in Moldova. Its goal is to support the persons who are in need of assistance to get access to education, healthcare, etc. Since 2008, we have implemented 26 projects to the value of over US$2.3 million in Moldova. These projects helped modernize the education institutions, health services and the people’s lives,” said the Japanese official.

Minister of Health Andrei Usatai said that owing to the support provided by Japan, the Health Center in Cimislia purchased three pieces of last-generation medical equipment, including a modern fibrogastroscope that allows diagnosing 20 persons a day, an ultrasonographer that allows examining pregnant women and identifying prostatic and other diseases, and an automated hematology analyzer that analyzes the blood of 60 patients simultaneously. “Earlier, a blood sample was analyzed during 30 minutes. Now this is done automatically, for 60 samples simultaneously,” said the minister.

Director of the Cimislia Health Center Ludmila Capcelea said that as they didn’t have a fibrogastroscope, the patients had to go to medical institutions in Chisinau or, in emergencies, were transported by the sanitary aviation. Owing to the new equipment, the residents of Cimislia district have access to free health services of a high quality.

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