What products Moldovans consider of a high quality
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11:25, 17 Jul 2014

If a Moldovan had an unlimited sum of money and took decisions based only on the quality of the purchased products, he/she will drive a BMW, would go to the concerts of Dan Balan, Shakira and “Zdob si Zdub”, and would see matches with FC Real Madrid, shows the first QUDAL - QUality meDAL - DEEPMA research in Moldova, IPN reports.

The Moldovans were asked what they would buy if the money wasn’t a problem and if they had to take only the quality of the product or service into account. Most of those surveyed said BMW is the best car make on the Moldovan market. Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo is considered the best player in the world, while FC Real Madrid – the best sports club in the world. Shakira is the favorite foreign singer.

When asked about the quality of persons, projects, organizations, etc., the Moldovan respondents put FC Zimbru Chisinau at the top of the rankings of the best sports clubs in Moldova, with Constantin Tutu being ranked as the best athlete. “Zdob si Zdub” was placed as the best Moldovan band, while Dan Balan – as the best singer from Moldova.

Among the brands of the best quality, the Moldovans named: Alba (milk category); Dalba (rice); Apple (mobile phones); Nivea (face cream); Acer (notebook); Adidas (sport shoes); Moldova-Agroindbank (bank); Asito (insurance company), Visa (credit card) etc.

The research QUDAL - QUality meDAL Moldova 2014/2015 was carried out by the Swiss organization ICERTIAS - International Certification Association GmbH on Moldova’s territory in June 2014, through an online opinion poll and the CAWI - DEEPMA method (Computer Assisted Web Interviewing - Deep Mind Awareness). It covered 1,200 Internet users older than 15 from all over Moldova.

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