E-apostille service launched
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17:17, 12 Aug 2013

The Moldovans will be able to ask for and obtain apostille online. The Ministry of Justice today launched a new service called e-apostille that will be provided swifter and cheaper. The taxes will fall by up to 200%, IPN reports.

Attending the event, Prime Minister Iurie Leanca said the service aims to eliminate the cases of corruption and abuse. The Government’s goal is to launch two digital services during the first 100 days, one of them being the e-apostille service.

The official said he is proud that Moldova is the fifth country in the world that is implementing this service and the second among the European states, after Spain.

Minister of Justice Oleg Efrim said the Ministry’s objective is to modernize the services provided to the people. ”The apposite is a form of authentication documents so that they can have legal power abroad. It is one of the most popular services at the Ministry. More than 325,000 apposite have been asked for over the last three years,” he stated.

The new service is available to all the Moldovans who have a digital signature. The apostille document can be also downloaded from www.apostila.gov.md.

E-Government Center direction Stela Mocan told the journalist that the government aims to provide all the public services online by 2020 and this is an ambitious goal. New electronic services will be launched in autumn. The e-criminal record service launched on September 5 showed that the population is ready for such services. The fact that 97% of the applications for criminal records are submitted online is a proof.

The implementation of the e-apostille service cost 1.5 million lei.

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