Vladimir Voronin: PCRM could support non-party candidates in mayoral elections

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06:32, 17 Mar 2018

Vladimir Voronin: PCRM could support non-party candidates in mayoral elections

The Party of Communists (PCRM) could support non-party candidates in the new mayoral elections that will take place in Chisinau and Balti on May 20, the Communist leader Vladimir Voronin stated in the program “Friday with Anatolie Golea” on RTR Moldova channel. However, the party hasn’t yet taken a final decision, IPN reports.

“If an unordinary figure appears and this will have the skills needed to brings things in the two cities in order and will not have a “party label”, we are ready to support such people. In Balti, it is simpler. We almost have a candidate there,” stated Vladimir Voronin.

The Communist leader noted he expects to see what other candidates are fielded and will decide if the PCRM can support one of these. According to him, the two municipalities need good managers as they are now in a deplorable situation. The candidates should focus on the problems faced by the two capitals, not on party interests.

06:32, 17 Mar 2018

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