“Democracy at Home” will have candidates in four single-member constituencies
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11:45, 11 Jan 2019

The unionists who will run in the parliamentary elections of February 24, 2019 on the list of the Party “Democracy at Home” will compete in four single-member constituencies. In a news conference at IPN, one of the candidates Ion Leashchenko said the Party “Democracy at Home” will soon present the list of candidates in the national constituency. In single-member constituencies, the party decided to have candidates only in the constituencies where they have bigger chances of winning. In the other constituencies, they will support the candidates of other parties of the right who in time promoted and supported Moldova’s union with Romania.

According to Ion Leashchenko, the candidates of the Political Party “Democracy at Home” in single-member constituencies are: Anatol Ursu (constituency No. 22 Ialoveni), Zinainda Bolboceanu (constituency No. 35 Căușeni), Mihai Goian (constituency No. 16 Ungheni) and Ion Leashchenko (constituency No. 15 Călărași, Ungheni).

Ion Leashchenko noted the unionist candidates of other parties of the right that the Party “Democracy at Home” will support in elections are: mayor of Cimișlia town Gheorghe Răileanu, who will run in constituency No.40 Cimișlia; Maria Ciobanu, who will compete in constituency No. 14 Telenești; Petru Frunză, mayor of Puhoi, who will contend in constituency No. 37 Răzeni, Ialoveni; Vladimir Putregai, mayor of Cociulia village, who will run in constituency No. 41 Leova.

“Democracy at Home” will also support the principal of the Tiraspol Lyceum “Lucian Blaga” Ion Iovchev in constituency No. 47, Eleonora Chekavski, who will in run in constituency No. 48, Lilian Carp, who will compete in constituency No. 21 Criuleni, and Vlad Biletski, who will run in constituency No. 26 Centru, Buicani.

Anatol Ursu, a candidate in constituency No. 22 Ialoveni, said the decision to support candidates of other parties in single-member constituencies where the Party “Democracy at Home” does not have candidates was taken following requests from unionists from regions, who asked who to vote for. “Democracy at Home” also supports Ion Terguță, who, even if he didn’t distinguish himself as a unionist, backs the European course and will compete in the same constituency as the leader of the Democratic Party Vlad Plahotniuc.

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