Medium- and long-term framework strategy is needed for Moldova, Romanian senate
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11:03, 12 Oct 2018

The senator for Romanians from the diaspora of the Parliament of Romania Viorel Badea, a member of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, said a medium- and long-term framework strategy is needed for the Republic of Moldova and this should be strictly respected by any Romanian government, regardless of its political color. Furthermore, the Moldovans should be able to regain the Romanian nationality during at most a week, with appropriate apologies.

In an interview for Radio Free Europe that is quoted by IPN, Viorel Badea said that regrettably, there is no continuity in Romania’s projects for Moldova and each government that came to power changed the working pace. “My opinion is that Romania and the Republic of Moldova are two Romanian states that are temporarily divided by history and I think that the Romanian state didn’t do enough to become attractive to the Romanians from the Republic of Moldova. The projects we developed evolved at the pace of a kangaroo, which is it was a government that launched particular projects and another government came later and redirected them. I suggested to my colleagues from Parliament, and hope this proposal will be accepted at the upper level, politically, that the Romanian parties should together adopt a common plan of action for the Republic of Moldova, like in those protocol discussions on the European integration of Romania,” stated the senator.

According to him, all the political parties reunited then and agreed a common itinerary so that Romania could integrate successfully into the EU. All the representatives of the political parties of Romania should sit at the negotiation table now and agree a common medium- and long-term strategy as the political incongruence expressed towards Chisinau can generate only dissatisfaction and distrust there.

“The fact that we repair kindergartens or finance cultural events and give them back the lost Romanian nationality …it is their right and this is not a project of which we could be proud... We must do so as to restore their Romanian nationality in a week, with the necessary apologies, because they were Romanian nationals. This issue should not be capitalized on by the governments of Romania. We should work out this strategy and follow it strictly, no matter who comes to power,” stated Viorel Badea.

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