PSRM, PDM and PLDM about enshrining of European course in Constitution
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06:28, 12 Oct 2018

The enshrining of the European integration course in the Constitution should be discussed with the population of the Republic of Moldova. Furthermore, the introduction of this notion in the supreme law does not offer guarantees that all the necessary measures will be taken to ensure the country’s path to European integration, said MPs invited to the talk show “In Depth” on Pro TV channel, IPN reports.

Democratic MP Sergiu Sîrbu said the PDM would like the political struggles existing over the foreign development course to stop and thus proposed that the development course should be stipulated in the Constitution. “We want to make it clear once and for all that the European integration is our development course. We want this notion to be introduced in the Constitution and that Constitutional Court judgement to be implemented. From now on we should deal with the internal problems of the Republic of Moldova,” he stated, noting the geopolitical struggle hampers a lot the proper development of the country.

Liberal-Democratic MP Vadim Pistrinciuc said the exercise to enshrine the European integration course in the Constitution can be described as demagogical. “The preamble of the Association Agreement stipulates particular conditions that the Republic of Moldova should meet, related to the European values, human rights and dignity, freedom, equity, the rule of law, etc. Unprecedented criticism was leveled at all these chapters, without exception, during the past year. Instead of holding hearings, debates in Parliament to see whyt this happens, we do what we should not do. The people want values, more effect,” stated the politician.

Socialist MP Vasile Bolea noted that in a divided society, when the government is trying to impose particular issues related to the ideology of some of the pro-European parties, this leads to further division in society. “The people should have been consulted about the development course at a referendum, but this wasn’t done,” he said.

The bill to amend the Constitution was introduced into Parliament and is to be put to the vote in the October 12 sitting.

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09:24, 12 October 2018

Acum se va vedea cine sunt adevărații pro-europeni și cine sunt niște falși care doar s-au folosit de acest lucru pentru a aduna capital politic iar acum își șterg picioarele de viitorul UE al țării

10:32, 12 October 2018

Numai lingaii lui Putin sunt impotriva acestui proiect important. Am impresia ca numai democratii sunt pro-europeni.


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