Political forces have differing opinions on union statements
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06:11, 08 Mar 2018

The statements on the union with Romania signed by the local public authorities of over 100 communities in Moldova are a campaign to unite the voters carried out by the unionists and a challenge for the Socialists, consider the Socialists. The Liberals said the historical truth cannot be neglected and the statements are a signal for the authorities. The issue was developed in the talk show “Red button” on Moldova 1 channel, IPN reports.

Socialist MP Vlad Batrancea said the statements on the union form part of a campaign staged by the unionists, who try to unite their voters and to provoke the Socialists. Moldova is the only civilized state where such challenges against the statehood are described as freedom of expression. By March 7, 264 communities have signed statements in support of the statehood. “The list with the scanned statements is public and anyone can see it. These statements are signed by most of the councilors,” he stated.

According to Liberal MP Roman Botan, the fact that there were signed over 100 statements on the union with Romania is a signal for the Moldovan authorities. In this case, no law is violated. “All these approaches form part of the conditional farmworker of the Republic of Moldova,” he said, noting that in a previous judgment the Chisinau Appeals Court said the political option on Moldova’s union with other states, ensured by democratic ways, is a legal right of the people.

Secretary general of the Party “Action and Solidary” Igor Grosu said the 100 centenary is an important event and these statements on the union should be regarded as an expression of the related feelings. There are two aspects of this historical event – the sincere feelings of the people that should be encouraged, not hampered and the product of the irresponsible policy pursued during many years.

Political analyst Anatol Taranu said the statements on the union are rather symbolical, not political. “It is about a struggle for the natural identity of this people,” he stated. According to the analyst, some of the politicians take actions to promote the real identity of the inhabitants of Moldova, but others oppose such acts.

Statements on the symbolical union with Romania have been signed by over 100 communities so far.

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