Zinaida Grecheanyi: Parliamentary session started off on the wrong foot
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05:23, 09 Feb 2018

The spring-summer parliamentary session started off on the wrong foot and will most probably continue this way, the leader of the Party of Socialists Zinaida Grecheanyi stated in the program “Direct Access” on NTV Moldova channel, referring to the statement adopted by Parliament by which Russia’s information attacks on the national information security and its abusive interference in politics are condemned, IPN reports.

“The Democrats did nothing but burn the bridges,” said Zinaida Grecheanyi. She noted she does not understand why the Democrat Party does this, but does not rule out the possibility that this could be pressed by the foreign partners. “Does the Russian Federation become involved in Moldova’s internal affairs or other states call the Prosecutor General’s Office on the carpet at the embassy? Does the Russian Federation dare to do something like this? Who wants to destroy the Republic of Moldova as a state? Not the unionists who suggest withdrawing Moldova from the Commonwealth of Independent States?” asked the Socialist leader.

Among Socialists’ priorities in the current session of Parliament is to ban unionism by law, including unionist parties and organizations. “I understand that this parliamentary majority will not pass such a bill, but this law will be ultimately adopted. This is a priority or we will not keep this state,” said Zinaida Grecheanyi.

According to her, the existence of the Republic of Moldova is the stake of this year’s elections. “The struggle will be very harsh – will the Republic of Moldova exist as a state or will disappear from the map of the world? We will use all the forces and legal ways for the Republic of Moldova to remain a state,” said the politician, noting that the authorities and the state institutions keep silent when it is about the actions of unionists, which means that they are their allies.

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09:37, 09 February 2018

Destul de bine chiar, indata a inceput cu declaratii impotriva abuzurilor din FR.

10:05, 09 February 2018

Zina Carabina, tu esti degetul cel mic a piciorului sting


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