Liberals suggest declaring 2018 Union Year
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12:08, 07 Dec 2017

The Liberal parliamentary group, in the December 7 sitting of Parliament, suggested that 2018 should be declared the Union Year. According to the Liberals, next year it will 100 years of the Great Union of all Romanians into one state – Romania - and this is an occasion for celebrating a historical event, IPN reports.

At the start of the sitting, at the suggestion of the Liberal leader Mihai Ghimpu, the MPs observed a moment’s silence in memory of King Mihai I of Romania, who died on December 5.

The leader of the Communist Party Vladimir Voronin asked Mihai Ghimpu who he works for, suggesting that during four years he hasn’t received financing from Romania, but continues to stay with the flag of the Romanian state on the table. Mihai Ghimpu responded that he keeps the flag with pride. The tricolor is Moldova’s flag too, but this also has the coat of arms on it.

The Liberals proposed creating a commission that would work out a plan of action for celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Great Union. “Ghimpu, tell us how much did they pay you for this?” insisted Vladimir Voronin, noting that those who want the union should only cross the Prut as no one keeps them here, in Moldova, by force.

Mihai Ghimpu replied that the Liberal Party struggled and will yet struggle for the union and for those who live on this piece of land.

Socialist MP Vlad Batrancea asked why the Liberals remember about the union only when they are in the opposition. The Liberal leader answered that he signed for the union even when he was acting President of Moldova.

The Liberals’ proposal didn’t gather the votes needed to be adopted when it was put to the vote.

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