Dumitru Diacov: Statements by parties that they would not form coalition with PDM are pre-electoral rhetoric
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05:42, 07 Dec 2017

The statements by some of the opposition parties of the right that they would not form a coalition with the Democratic Party (PDM) if they enter the future Parliament is pre-electoral rhetoric, the president of honor of the PDM Dumitru Diacov stated in the program “Emphasis on today” on TVR Moldova channel, IPN reports.

According to him, the PDM has always been in the center of discussions and, without the Democrats, it has never been possible to ensure efficient governance. “The political picture in Parliament looks like this: we have a radical left and have a right that is sometimes radical or less radical, which never sit at the negotiating table, and the Democratic Party’s role to separate these extremes when it’s necessary or to invite them to negotiations when decisions need to be taken is very clear and has been performed during all these years,” stated Dumitru Diacov.

The president of honor of the PDM noted that the situation before elections is specific and nobody expects the opposition parties to make declarations of love to the ruling party. However, on the night after elections, when the votes are counted, the situation changes and discussions start. “The Democratic Party has always formed coalitions with parties of the center-right,” stated Dumitru Diacov.

Analyst Nicolae Negru wondered if the parties of the right that say they would not form an alliance with the PDM if they enter the next Parliament would form a coalition with the Socialists. According to him, holding early legislative elections is a possible variant.

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09:15, 07 December 2017

Vor face alinata chiar Maia cu PDM.

09:18, 07 December 2017

Sondajele arată că vor trece 3 partide în parlament și se pare că nici nu va trebui să facă cineva coaliție cu PD-ul pentru că utopicii lui Dodon vor lua majoritate cît opoziția pro-europeană se va mînca între ea

10:16, 07 December 2017

Interesant Maia Sandu își va asuma vina, că va da țara în mîinile socialiștilor?


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