Composition of commission that will propose including European integration in Constitution agreed
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13:24, 06 Oct 2017

Parliament approved the composition of a working group that will think up and will present, within 45 days, the bill to amend and supplement the Constitution so as to include Moldova’s orientation to the European democratic system of values in the supreme law, IPN reports.

The subject caused heated debates in Parliament. The Socialists said that by stipulating the European course in the Constitution, there will be legalized an ideology that runs counter to the people’s will. The Socialists didn’t delegate a representative to work on the commission, saying the amendment of the Constitution in this regard is unconstitutional and a referendum should be held for the people to pronounce on the course of the state.

The Communists also didn’t field a representative to work on the commission, while the Communist leader Vladimir Voronin said the European integration is the path to the social development of the state and has nothing to do with the legislative norms.

The Lib-Dems didn’t propose a representative either given that two amendments suggested by Tudor Deliu haven’t been accepted by Parliament.

The Liberals didn’t enter the commission because the Liberal leader Mihai Ghimpu’s idea that the European integration of Moldova can be ensured by the union with Romania, especially because the supreme law provides such a mechanism, was rejected.

The Democrats fielded Sergiu Sarbu and Raisa Apolschii, while the European People’s Party group proposed Eugen Carpov and Mihaela Spataru.

Speaker of Parliament Andrian Candu, who is one of the authors of the decision, said the created working group, which will include the best constitutional experts, will formulate the best text to amend the Constitution so that it is clear that the orientation to the European area is the defining element of the identity of the Republic of Moldova. The document will be submitted to the Constitutional Court for appraisal.

Andrian Candu voiced hope that the Constitution will be amended by the end of the current parliamentary session so as to provide guarantees that regardless of the colors of the government, the European integration remains the only development path of Moldova.

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