President Igor Dodon against march of LGBT community
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16:25, 18 May 2017

President Igor Dodon announced that he is categorically against the holding of the march of the LGBT community, IPN reports.

“I informed the U.S. Ambassador to Moldova James D. Pettit that this is not only my personal opinion, but is also the opinion of the overwhelming majority of the citizens of the Republic of Moldova. I noted that such events run counter to our traditional values, Orthodoxy and morality. They cannot and will not be accepted by me personally and by the whole society,” Igor Dodon says in a posting on Facebook.

The President said that on May 21, when the LGBT community will mount the Solidarity March “Fara Frica”, a broad demonstration in support of the traditional family values will be staged in the central square of Chisinau, starting at 11am.

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