Andrei Nastase: People in Moldova need a President close to their burdens and problems
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05:03, 11 Oct 2016

“The people in the Republic of Moldova need a President of the people, who would be close to their burdens and problems, a courageous President who would struggle for the rights of the people and would be their shield in front of the abuses of the power. The people’s President must act in accordance with the people’s agenda and must lay the foundations for the renovation of the political class, promoting upright and professional people.” This is the position of the candidate for President of the Political Party “Platform Dignity and Truth” Andrei Nastase, which was stated in an interview of a series of electoral interviews produced by IPN News Agency.

– What kind of President does the Republic of Moldova need now?

– During many years, those who have been in power fragmented society and divided the people according to ethnicity, spoken language, views, social class, etc. in order to be able to keep their influence. It’s clear that a segregated society can be easier manipulated, misinformed, controlled. Owing to the so-called rulers, former and current, today we have a divided, dispersed and impoverished society, with politicians who live in a world that is parallel to the real life of the people. The people in Moldova need a President of the people, close to their burdens and problems, a courageous President who would struggle for the rights of the people and would be their shield in front of the abuses of the power. The people’s President must act in accordance with the people’s agenda and must lay the foundations for the renovation of the political class, promoting upright and professional people.

What made you run?

– Poverty, despair, empty villages, elderly people who live below the poverty line and young people who go to work abroad in a larger number, the children who grow without parents – these are the reasons that made me run. The Republic of Moldova was brought to such a state following the theft of billions of lei, misappropriation and corruption maintained by the current criminal regime. They humiliated us, the people of this country, and do not stop the genocide organized against the own people. By the laws assumed by the Government of the marionette Filip, the people of this country, our children and grandchildren are forced to repay the billions of lei stolen by those who are in power out of our own pocket. The list can be continued endlessly. Thing cannot go on like this. If we do not break this vicious circle and do not lay the basis for real changes, Moldova will remain empty.

Which of the candidates for President you consider the worthiest?

– I do not see worthy opponents. I actually detest a part of the candidates for the way in which they do politics. I know that the people and the truth are on my side. Most of my opponents in the current campaign are irresponsible politicians who have robed the people of this country. These are fully corrupt and live by exploiting the people.

What makes you different from the other candidates?

– I do not aim to show something artificial for the people to like me. I am as I am – sincere in my actions and approaches. I protested alongside the people and demanded rights and I’m sick and tired of this criminal dictatorship, as the people are! Since I became involved in politics, I have permanently visited our towns and villages and been close to the people. For me, it is important for the people’s agenda to be the main document that guides my work. I want to say that I didn’t meet many politicians in villages and towns outside the campaign. They remember the people only when they need their vote and then ask why they are booed and cursed. I go with pleasure to meet with the people and to talk to them so as to see what problems they face and how they really live. There is no other proper way of doing politics for me.

Do you think that the choice in the upcoming elections will be geopolitical?

– The geopolitical aspect brought as much evil as the politicians who divided society based on this criterion. The people do not have what to eat, but they tell them about Russian tanks, inexistent customs unions or European miracles from the TV set. The politicians deserve the people’s vote first of all for the projects that they intend to implement for the country, for the people who live here. I want the Republic of Moldova to become a fully-fledged member of the EU, but I do not want to lie to the people, promising them something that is now unreal. We should start work and free justice from captivity and bring it to a European level. We should begin a harsh fight against grand and petty corruption. We must remove the oligarchs and criminals from power. By each accomplishment, we come closer to a European Moldova.

What will you focus on while in the office of President, depending on the powers enjoyed by the Head of State by law?

– As I said, the President must work to promote the people’s interests, not the interests of a group of people. The people’s President must struggle for the benefit of the people and promote their demands by legislative initiatives or by exerting pressure on the political systems that was captured by Plahotniuc. This must make use of any legal instrument to stop this genocide against the people of the Republic of Moldova.

– Do you think the future President should struggle for more powers?

–Surely, I think the President must play the role of the people’s guarantor. In this corrupt system that is practically fully subordinated to Plahotniuc and his company, only a powerful President can lay the foundations for the renovation of the political class and can provoke early parliamentary elections and plead for positive changes that would ensure decent living conditions and would return things in in Moldova to normality.

What first steps will you take as Head of State? How do you intend to change the state of affairs in the county and what is the area that you will start with?

– First of all, the President must not be blind and mute before the problems experienced by the people. I set five priorities for the first year in office.
1. Clarification of the thefts of the billions of lei by an international investigation into the banking frauds and money laundering cases, contribution to recovering the money, penalization of the thieves and utilization of all the legal means possible to free the people from the obligation to repay the stolen billions of lei.
2. Transformation of the people’s socioeconomic demands into legislative initiatives, with the rise in pensions up to the level of the minimum consumer basket at least, stimulation of the private initiative and national and foreign investments that would generate new, well-paid jobs and would motivate the young people to remain at home, decentralization, modernization of towns, rehabilitation of villages and development of agriculture being among the top priorities.
3. Submission of a legislative initiative concerning the reformation of the justice sector and fighting of grand and petty corruption, with the appointment of an independent prosecutor general, the transformation of the National Anticorruption Center into the National Anticorruption Directorate, freeing of anticorruption institutions from political influence, lustration extended up to now, extended confiscation of the property of state officials, prosecutors and judges and of their relatives if these cannot prove the source of income being among the priorities.
4. Initiation of early legislative elections as soon as possible.
5. Promotion of internal and external policy aimed at restoring the confidence of the Moldovan people and foreign partners in the national political class and the Republic of Moldova.

– Why should the people go and vote on October 30?

– The vote is a basic right and the only democratic exercise that enables the people to choose the future. I call on everyone to go together with the family and friends and vote on October 30 so as to show how they want the county to look like. Do we want to continue to live with the past and to keep those who impoverished and humiliated us in power or do we want to choose a new political class that will serve the people’s interests, not the own interests?

 – Why should the people vote for you, not for other candidates?

– I’m an anti-system candidate. I’m one of the few among the many candidates who have never been in power and never wasted the public funds. On the contrary, I managed to save more than 200 million lei for the country. I want to live in a free country where dictatorship does not rule, where the laws are laws and where the people’s vote is not conditioned.

The election campaign is a rostrum for everyone. I call on the people to vote for the candidate who they consider the best. I call upon those who support my program, the values that guide me and my way of doing politics to vote for a people’s President.

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09:00, 11 October 2016

Nu e Năstase acel om care ne poate vorbi de toate aceste momente, el este o sculă bine plătită de nașul său, iar el îi prestează servicii, un fel de afacere pe spatele și durerile cetățenilor.

09:49, 11 October 2016

Foate corect are nevoie de un lider de acestsa numai că nu-i Năstase acest lider! Nu vedeți că el mama nu și-o ajută dar vreți să mai fie și lider politic! Cuym se va comporta el cu noi atunci ?

11:44, 11 October 2016

Si daca Nastase asa tare vrea sa fie alaturi de cetateni, de grijele si nevoile lor, atunci de ce nu a stat in corturi iarna da se primbla prin Palma de Mallorca? Asta ne-a demonstrat ca defapt il intereseaza doar banii. A folosit murdar protestatarii.

Sandu Miron
13:08, 11 October 2016

Si precis ca Nastase nu e aproape de grijile oamenilor. sa facem o diferenta dintre un cetatean care iese din casa lui la protest si Nastase care iese din casa lui de lux la protest si se intoarce tot in aceeasi casa. Ce fel de griji poate avea Nastase? De bani sau de ceea ca nu are unde trai? Din cite stiu el are 10 case. Unica grija pe care o poate avea Nastase este ca poate sa nu indeplineasca comenzile lui Topa.


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