Vlad Filat goes on hunger strike, hearing adjourned
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17:06, 31 May 2016

Ex-Premier Vlad Filat went on hunger strike in protest at the abuses of the court and the illegal decisions taken in a row, as Filat’s lawyer Igor Popa stated. The hearing in the case of the former Premier set for May 31 was adjourned until June 3, IPN reports.

State prosecutor Adriana Betisor said the hearing was adjourned because only one witness of the six witnesses summoned appeared at the hearing. She refused to say who the witness was and what this said, but noted that she would class this witness as a prosecution witness, not as a defense one.

Igor Popa said the rights of Vlad Filat were again violated in today’s hearing. The court rejected a new application by which the lawyers asked to make the hearings in the case of ex-Premier public. Vlad Filat decided to declare hunger strike in protest at the illegal decisions taken in a row and at the fact that his rights in the penitentiary are violated.

“The notary hasn’t come yet to sign a notarial document. Vlad Filat’s walking time was reduced. He wasn’t allowed to speak on the phone. The attitude to him in penitentiary is less amiable, to say it mildly. Therefore, Vlad Filat decided to go on hunger strike,” said the lawyer.

Igor Popa also didn’t say much about the witness questioned by the court. “The witness headed a commission of an investment contest and this said it plainly that he was never influenced by Vlad Filat or other persons,” he stated.

Vlad Filat pleads not guilty of passive corruption and influence peddling.

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