Parties of the right haven’t yet agreed common candidate for presidential elections, MP
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05:05, 31 May 2016

The Liberal Democratic Party of Moldova (PLDM) is for choosing a common candidate for the presidential elections together with the Party “Action and Solidarity” (PAS), the People’s Party of the Republic of Moldova (PPEM) and the Party “Dignity and Truth” (DA), the party’s deputy chairman Vadim Pistrinciuc said in the program “Interpol” on TV 7 channel, IPN reports.

“For now, we have discussed with the Platform DA, PAS and the PPEM so as to reach a compromise. A number of functionaries of these parties were promoted in politics by the PLDM. We haven’t reached an agreement yet. There are different options,” said the Liberal-Democratic heavyweight.

Vadim Pistrinciuc noted that if the extraparliamentary parties of the right do not manage to reach a compromise as to the candidate for the presidential elections, the PLDM will field its own candidate. “It would be regrettable not to reach a compromise. We will see what we can do. If the candidate suits us, we will support him. But we could also propose our own candidate. We haven’t yet thought about someone definite. But our internal polls show there are potential candidates who have chances,” he stated.

The deputy chairman of the PLDM also said that the party will soon hold its congress to elect the party’s leader. “Vlad Filat cares about this party, but he understands that the examination of his case will yet last. The congress of the PLDM will be held in the middle of June and we will choose the chairman. I haven’t yet decided if I will apply for this post,” he stated.

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09:20, 31 May 2016

Vad ca Pistrinciuc vrea cu orice pret sa ramana la putere dupa ce Filat si cu restu a distrus acest partid. Si mie imi este interesant care e dinferenta intre aceste 4 filiale si PLDM de acum 1 an?


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